Albert Dabah wants you to help his dream of bringing EXTRA INNINGS to the screen. EXTRA INNINGS is a coming of age story set in the 1960’s within a Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY. DAVID SABAH, a young baseball prodigy from Brooklyn, has the opportunity to pursue his dream, much to his father’s dismay. As drama and tragedy build throughout the family, DAVID struggles finding balance between his dream and his family.

Complete synopsis:

Help us make "Extra Innings" a GRAND-SLAM!

After years of writing and planning, my film, "Extra Innings” is almost ready to go into production this summer...


Spread awareness through our collaboration with SAVE. (See section below for more info) and share our message that "life goes on past the bottom of the ninth."

Pre-production and production costs.

  • We're scouting out locations!
  • Making the 1960's come back to life means funding costumes, props and set pieces that are accurate!
  • Shooting costs
  • Talent

Currently raising money for total budget of $245,000.

Here's what we DO have.

  • We are ramping up the production schedule and working with industry veteran Judy Henderson, the award-winning casting director of Homeland, to put together a remarkable cast.
  • We signed renowned cinematographer Ken Kelsch on as as our Director of Photography.
  • I am currently in meetings to add a former MLB player to both act in the film and serve as a technical advisor. 
  • We filmed 3 sample scenes from the Extra Innings script to give you a feel for what the feature-length film will be like.

Please check out our three scenes as well as a behind the scenes video and photos from the 3 days of filming (Below is the Dinner Scene from the script):

Why does this matter?

This film deals with universal issues such as struggles between parents and children, pursuing your dreams, religion and adolescent love.

The film also touches upon mental illness, and highlights how the stigma of mental illness is extremely debilitating and prevents adequate care from reaching families and individuals who need it. 

Extra Innings tells the story of a family evolving together through religious differences, personal expectations and tragedy. By learning how to deal with tragedy, one can grow and learn how to be sensitive to the issues of the people around them. Even in the most trying circumstances, it is important to speak up and take action on behalf of those we love.

You can help SAVE lives with "EXTRA INNINGS."

As I have gotten this film off the ground, the support of SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education - ) has been a tremendous help.

Named an Agent of Change by former President Barack Obama, Dr. Dan Reidenberg, one of America's leading suicide prevention experts and the executive director of SAVE, has taken a special liking to my film and has been a champion of it since he read the screenplay.

Additionally, Dr. Reidenberg is the managing director on the National Council for Suicide Prevention, as well as the U.S. representative that has been appointed to the International Association of Suicide Prevention and is the co-chair of the Media & Suicide Task Force. 

Here's what Dr. Dan Reidenberg had to say about "EXTRA INNINGS"

“Books are sent to me from all of the world... movie scripts, plays, songs, videos, program manuals. I am asked to review lots and lots of materials. This was the one that really touched me... My hope is that this film, this family’s story, is going to be one of those things that is going to turn that ship for us. We are going to see things differently, open minds, we are going to educate, raise awareness and together, we are going to save lives.” - Dr. Dan Reidenberg

Part of the donations will go to SAVE.

What we will DO with the film.

Our marketing plan extends to learning institutions. We plan on screening this film in schools and universities as well as holding talk back sessions in order to help facilitate conversations about the often unspoken issue of mental illness. We have established deep connections with mental health organizations such as SAVE, JED, Brain & Behavior, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and more, gaining multiple opportunities to reach wide audiences. 

Meet Albert Dabah.

I have been a filmmaker for over 37 years and this is my first feature film project. EXTRA INNINGS is incredibly dear to my heart as it is deeply personal and based on my experiences of losing both my brother and sister to suicide. I want to share my story in hopes that it will spark a positive and open discourse on mental health within our various communities.

Your help matters to us.

Thank you very much for your time and support. Making "Extra Innings" has been a dream of mine as I have invested much of our family's story and my own past into this film.

I hope that you would be interested in being a part of this mission to help save lives and shed light on the stigma of mental illness. I look forward to you joining me on this journey to help "Extra Innings" hit it out of the park!