“Based on a true story, Extra Innings is a film that actually feels very real - and touching at the same time, precisely because it doesn’t try to hard to hammer its story home but really lets the story unfold, warts and all, with a cast of characters that feel so real and relatable because they are all fallible and loveable at the same time. Also, despite all the drama that’s happening (like the protagonist losing his two favourite siblings to suicide) this is not a strictly sad film but one that sheds a light on all sides of life, even the funny ones. In all, it basically makes one feel the lead character’s rounded out story - and that’s something not many films achieve.

And by the way, it’s not necessary to know the first thing about baseball to enjoy the movie (says someone who doesn’t know the first thing about baseball).”
— Mike Haberfelner - Vienna Austria

“You’ve probably already got it pictured in your mind, the title of writer and director Albert Dabah’s new film Extra Innings lending itself to a certain theme. However, like most baseball movies, the sport is hardly ever the thing, with the real story being the drama surrounding the player (or players).

There’s a warm, lived-in-feel to Extra Innings, the film deeply respectful of its characters and its time, patient in allowing them the spaces they need as it all orbits David and his choices. Dabah, in his feature length directorial debut, is obviously well-connected to it and his cast feels as committed, the film never not authentic, even as some moments feel purposefully elaborated. A Sentimental and profoundly sincere effort. Highly recommended.”
— David Duprey -