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Extra Innings has partnered with Suicide Awareness Voice of Education (S.A.V.E.), the leading suicide prevention organization dedicated to public awareness, education, and to helping survivors. S.A.V.E.'s message of hope and awareness resonates deeply with Extra Innings and we are very proud to have their support on our film. This partnership allows for all charitable donations to be tax-deductible and gives donors the chance to contribute to Extra Innings and S.A.V.E.'s initiatives.

Your contribution will be 100% tax-deductible!

"S.A.V.E. is very excited to be a partner in this project. The talent behind the production of this true story will help the audience better understand the realities of suicide and mental health, hopefully leading to better care and treatment to avoid tragedies like this for other families."
- Dr. Dan Reidenberg, Executive Director of S.A.V.E.